Participatory School Design for a Participatory Democracy

Milestone Democratic School Locations

Milestone Democratic School is starting with a pop-up location at 2823 Index Road, in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. This facility, planned and developed by the Design Team, will serve as home for our first two years. The temporary space will include a spacious environment and the freedom for our students to be creative and make things fun! Expect interior and exterior murals, comfortable modern spaces, and the room necessary for engaging everyday school experiences.

By summer of 2022 Milestone Democratic School will move into the newly-constructed COPA Performing Arts Center, right across the street from our pop-up site. The school will be a core resident tenant of this non-profit arts and education center, and will have the privilege to use any of the spaces at any time, including an auditorium, recording studio, commercial kitchen, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, workshop space for hands-on learning and much more.

This partnership will give the students of MDS a much more experiential school life. Our goal in participating in the development, construction, and operation of the COPA is to give the most educationally disadvantaged youth of our region the chance to feel like the most important person every time they walk in the door.

Contact Milestone Democratic School

2823 Index road Fitchburg, WI 53713