Substitute Hiring and Pay Procedure

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Substitute Hiring and Pay Procedure
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A procedure to define how internal and external substitute teachers are hired and paid

Referring School Policy: Policy 201 Role of Independent School Management Service

Substitute Pay

All substitutes providing instructional and supervisory duties at Milestone shall be employees of Get It Right Educators’ Cooperative, subject to all background check and other human resources criteria as full- and part-time employees.

Substitutes for instructional and supervisory roles shall be paid at a per-diem rate of $200 per 8-hour day. Partial day substitute duties may only be arranged in increments of ½ day for 4-hours or less of service, and shall be paid at a per-diem rate of $100. 

“External” Substitutes

The Operations Circle at Milestone shall maintain a list of qualified, screened, and hired substitutes that do not have any additional roles or duties at Milestone. These substitutes shall be subject to the Design Team and Board hiring practice described in the School Plan.

“Internal” Substitutes

Any full- or part-time worker employed by Get It Right at Milestone may, at their discretion, provide full- or half-day substitute coverage as needed. This coverage shall be compensated at the above-described per-diem rate, so long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The worker confirms that the instructional and/or supervisory duties required by the substitute coverage will not conflict with existing scheduled instructional and/or supervisory duties
  2. The worker confirms that existing salaried duties (non-instructional, non-supervisory) shall be conducted and completed per existing expectations outside of regular scheduled work hours
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