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Cov kab mob sib kis thiab kab mob sib kis
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Kev Koom Tes Hauv Zej Zog (kev sib ntsib ntawm Cov Tswv Cuab)
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Kev Koom Tes Hauv Zej Zog (kev sib ntsib ntawm Cov Tswv Cuab)
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Mask Mandate: COVID and communicable diseases protocols

Notes on this protocol:

  • Our community is responsible for our health and wellbeing, and it is all of our jobs to enforce and follow this mandate.
  • The EC takes on collective responsibility to consistently support one another in enforcing the mandate.
  • The School Plan creates a commitment to Disability Justice that is at the root of this protocol. The School Plan states:
    • “We know that disability often excludes people and prevents them from accessing their rights—and that a social model of disability is the most democratic way to understand people’s experiences.”
    • “Milestone will support and aid students with disabilities by creating a safe, accessible and inclusive space through our diverse staff, students and in our facility. We will strive to never alienate our students, but rather, give them the freedom to express the resources and support they need to thrive in our school and through life.” 
  • This protocol, like all Administrative Regulations and Operational Procedures at Milestone, may be revised or modified by Community Engagement or other governing bodies at any time.

1. Masking is required: 

  • Indoors whenever groups of 25+ are together in one indoor space  
  • When in close proximity to another person (in someone’s personal bubble), facing them, and/or having a conversation.
  • When in the halls
  • For anyone who is showing symptoms of illness (cough, cold, runny nose etc.)
  • For anyone entering/visiting the building
  • In the auditorium unless the group is less than <25 and not sitting directly next to each other, and the group has decided to be mask-free by consensus.
  • As deemed necessary in classrooms, gatherings, and advisories, unless decided otherwise as described below.
  • If it is deemed necessary at any point due to an outbreak of illness in the school.

2. Masking is not required:

  • In the Makerspace and the Kitchen.
  • When in the Makerspace unless the capacity of the Makerspace exceeds 50+.The Makerspace should not exceed 50+ even during lunch.
  • When outdoors.
  • As designated by each advisory group less than <25.
  • Advisory groups, classes, and other gatherings may decide how to approach this individually depending on a decision reached by students and staff. Decisions must be made by unanimous Formal Consensus. The EC member facilitating the process must be aware of social pressures in the process, and be ready to alleviate them with strategies including anonymous consent.
    • If groups decide to be mask free spaces for all or part of the day, they must:
      • Maintain a seating configuration that allows significant space between each person.
      • Set up the environment to minimize maskless interactions.
      • Wear masks in the halls and in situations where the group size (25+) and room space would make it unsafe not to be masked.
      • Be mindful of each other and put masks on when closer seating is needed, or when in close proximity to someone else who is wearing a mask and/or is clearly uncomfortable being unmasked.  
      • Ensure that additional air filtration is present in their space while mask-free.

3.  Lunch/Snack Protocol

  • Lunch will continue to be split into two time frames (lunch A + B) to lower the total number of students in the Makerspace at any given time.  
  • Makerspace should not exceed 50+ persons during either lunch
  • The Kitchen will be deemed a space to eat lunch in a smaller group for anyone who is uncomfortable eating with a large group of unmasked people.
  • Lunch capacity in the kitchen will be capped at 16 with a maximum of 4 students per table.
  • Doors to both Makerspace and Kitchen will continue to be open to allow adequate ventilation during unmasked lunch times.  
  • Students must wipe down tables, seats and all areas of contact before and after using them.

4. Cleaning/Sanitizing Protocols

  • Students must wipe down any contact surfaces they use both before and after using them. This includes but is not limited to: Tables, chairs, desks, computers, instruments, work out equipment, and any other shared item within the building.
  • Students and staff must wash hands before and after eating lunch or snacks.
  • Students and staff must wash hands after using the bathroom.
  • Students and staff must wash hands regularly throughout the day to help minimize the spread of pathogens.

5. Exceptions/Additional Updates 

  • If a student is not wearing a mask in a required scenario/part of the building, an adult will politely request that they put on a mask or go to one of the unmasked spaces. If the student refuses after one polite request, the student will be asked to step into the Health Room or vestibule (weather permitting) until a parent can be reached to come pick the student up. If the parent cannot be reached, the student will remain in the Health Room and will be given a computer so that they can complete work remotely.
  • A student may drink water in masked parts of the building, and will quickly move their mask, take a sip of water, and put their mask right back on. 
  • Eating will not be permitted anywhere else in the building besides the Makerspace and Kitchen. Weather permitting, students are also welcome to eat outside during lunch, snack, and other times when students are eating.
  • KN94, KN95, and medical procedural masks are all acceptable. Cloth masks or masks with vents are not acceptable. Masks will be provided by Milestone if needed.
  • If a student has a medical reason for not wearing a mask, or wearing an otherwise unapproved mask, the family may provide a doctor’s note with that allowance and any instructions for modified mask wearing.

6. Close Contacts

  • When a member of our community is exposed to someone outside of Milestone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or any other communicable disease, it makes them a “close contact”. When a member in our community tests positive for COVID-19 or any other communicable disease, it makes everyone who was in the building with that person a close contact.
  • Cov neeg nyob ze lossis tej zaum yuav raug tshaj tawm rau Milestone. Milestone tom qab ntawd yuav ceeb toom rau tag nrho cov zej zog tias muaj kev sib cuag tau tshwm sim (thaum tswj kev ceev ntiag tug rau txhua tus hauv peb lub zej zog). Hnub tim ntawm qhov tshwm sim tuaj yeem raug muab faib ua ke. 
  • Close contacts will need to have a negative test and be symptom free in order to stay in school. If, after a family is notified of a close contact or potential exposure, that family chooses to keep their student home to learn virtually for a time that feels appropriate to them, the student will be supported to attend Milestone virtually in all ways (including borrowing a laptop from Milestone if needed, getting every opportunity to participate in Advisory, classes, and school meeting online, and having opportunities to check in with their Advisor regularly during their virtual days)
    •  As long as a student is present and engaged virtually, they will be marked Present for the school day.
    • If you discover that you are a direct contact or a close contact on Monday – Friday between the hours of 8 and 5, please call: (608) 305-4332 and let the person you speak with know that you are a direct or close contact for COVID-19 (or whatever other communicable disease).
    • If you are not able to reach anyone during Milestone’s hours OR you discover that you are a direct or close contact after hours, please e-mail [email protected] and [email protected]. Then, please call the above number at 8 a.m. on the next school day.

7. If anyone is ill or appears to be showing symptoms

  • Students and staff may report a confidential concern of someone showing symptoms or appearing to be ill to a staff member/health officer in order to protect themselves and others. Currently, please contact Stefano Oviedo, who will then assist in the matter. 
  • Take temperatures only when symptoms or a health concern are present. 
  •  Txhua tus uas muaj qhov kub thiab txias ntawm 100.4 lossis siab dua yuav tsum tau tawm hauv lub tsev. Yog tias nws yog ib tus menyuam kawm ntawv uas muaj qhov kub thiab txias, tus neeg zaum ntawm lub rooj zaum pem hauv ntej yuav pab kom ncav cuag ib tus neeg hauv tsev neeg, tus neeg saib xyuas, lossis kev tiv tauj thaum muaj xwm txheej ceev kom tuaj tos tus menyuam. Tus menyuam kawm ntawv yuav tsum tau tos hauv Chav Kho Mob lossis vestibule ( huab cua tso cai).
  • Nug ob lo lus nug nram qab no:
    • Are you experiencing any symptoms that make you feel different currently?
      • If the answer to this is yes, AND they are symptoms concurrent with a communicable disease, such as COVID-19. The student will need to be picked up and wait in the health room.
    • Koj puas tau ntsib nrog ib tus neeg uas tau kuaj pom tus kab mob COVID-19 hauv 10 hnub dhau los?
      • If the answer is yes, it should be reported as a close contact / potential exposure (direct contact). 

8. If A Member of Our Community Tests Positive for COVID-19

  • Any member of our community who has entered the school building in the 5 days prior to a positive test will be required to notify the Health and Wellness Coordinator and the Milestone Office Line as soon as they receive a positive test result. 
  • If this occurs Monday – Friday between the hours of 8 and 5, please call: (608) 305-4332 thiab qhia rau tus neeg uas koj hais nrog paub tias koj tau kuaj pom tus kab mob COVID-19 (lossis lwm yam kab mob sib kis).
  • If you are not able to reach anyone during Milestone’s hours OR you get a positive test result or diagnosis after hours, please e-mail [email protected] and [email protected]. Then, please call the above number at 8 a.m. on the next school day.
  • Under no circumstances should anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or any other communicable disease report to the school building. If a member of our community learns of a positive result while at school, they must immediately go to the Health Room and a family member, guardian, or emergency contact will be notified to pick them up. o   Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 or any other communicable disease may only return to Milestone once a negative test is obtained (photo evidence or official test results required) OR with a doctor’s note saying when it is safe to return. 

9. The Role of Community Engagement Membership

  • In the future, if it is deemed necessary that Milestone shifts to an entirely virtual school day for a period of time, the Community Engagement Membership will need to adopt a proposal to this effect. 
  • Cov tsev neeg thiab cov tub ntxhais kawm tseem txais tos tuaj kawm ntawv zoo yog tias lawv muaj ib tus neeg hauv lawv tsev neeg uas muaj kev cuam tshuam, tuaj yeem xaiv mus kawm ntawv zoo thaum muaj kev sib cuag lossis raug cuam tshuam, thiab yuav tsum tau mus kawm zoo yog tias lawv kuaj pom zoo (thaum twg lawv nyob zoo txaus). Hauv ib qho ntawm cov xwm txheej no, tus tub ntxhais kawm yuav tau txais qhab nia tuaj koom rau kev kos npe thiab koom nrog. Yuav kom qhov no hloov tau, Lub Zej Zog Kev Koom Tes Ua Tswvcuab yuav tsum tau txais kev pom zoo rau qhov teebmeem no.
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