Current Students and Families

Welcome Milestone community members!

On this page you will find links to everything you need to know to make Milestone work for you. This list provides information about our services and special offerings for our community. If you have any questions please contact us.

2021-22 Academic Calendar

This Google Calendar will be updated by the Educators’ Co-op throughout the year. You can subscribe and add it to your personal Google Calendar using the below link, or download a PDF of the calendar to save or print:

Weekly Schedule for Personalized Learning

This is the Weekly Schedule that Advisors will use with students during Milestone’s academic year 2021-22.

2021-22 weekly schedule

Course Catalog

We propose, develop, and approve courses to be taught at Milestone at our weekly all-student, all-staff School Meeting. Courses currently being offered, and ideas for courses that are in development, are listed on our Personal Learning Plan Resources site.  New courses are posted at the beginning of each semester.

Food Program

Milestone has partnered with Second Harvest Foodbank to establish a food pantry right within our school building. Every week, Milestone receives groceries from Second Harvest to distribute to families who need it. In addition, any and all members of Milestone are welcome to make an appointment to come by our food pantry to get what you need! Contact Sean to get more info about participating in the weekly food distribution program, or for an appointment to drop by the food pantry.

Social Services

Milestone has partnered with Joining Forces for Families at Dane County Human Services to ensure all our members have access to the social services that they need. Contact our office with any questions or to get connected with JFF.

Mental Health and Special Education Services

Milestone has contracted with Kaleidal Solutions, a local provider of bilingual school psychologist and special education support services, to help all our students thrive. Kaleidal also supports Milestone with mental health navigation — so all our members can get whatever help they need. Contact our office to get more info or help.

Mutual Aid

Our Educators’ Co-op is facilitating a project to allow our community to offer and receive support in whatever ways is needed. Read more about this project here, or contact Sean with any questions or to participate.

COVID Opening Plan for 2020 School Year

This Google Doc contains the most up-to-date information on Milestone’s Opening Plan, including four different contingency protocols, for adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic.