Our school community

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Membership in Milestone

If a decision affects you, you should have a say in it.

Students, families, and staff are legally guaranteed the right to vote on issues affecting our school, and to elect our Governance Board, because they are Members of the school under our Bylaws. Community stakeholders can also apply for membership as “Friends of Milestone,” so long as they believe in and support the mission of our school.

Are you interested in joining Milestone as a Friend, to support our work and to volunteer? Email the Governance Board for an application!

An organization of connected circles

Our Educators' Cooperative has adopted Sociocracy

A school is a complex place. There are many different aims to be met, and many different domains to work in. How can we exemplify both participatory democracy and efficiency? Sociocracy is a way of organizing democratic entities to be clear about who is empowered to decide what. You can find our Sociocratic Organization Chart on the Knowledge Base.

The School Design Team

Continuous re-design of our school, led by youth

Milestone’s School Design Team makes all decisions about what our school will be like. The Design Team is randomly selected by sortition from volunteers from the student body,  caregivers/guardians, and the staff. All decisions made by the Design Team are by consensus, so everyone’s voice is heard. They publish their work in the School Plan.
The current Design Team is made up of students, staff, and parents. They are working on Iteration 2.0 of the School Plan, to be published no later than August of 2022.

The Governance Board

The vision-holders and keepers of legal and fiduciary responsibility

The Board of Directors of Milestone is also known as our Charter School Governance Board. The current Board was elected by the membership of Milestone in December of 2022 and will server through December of 2023. Click a name to email a member of the Board directly.

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Jess Bernstein

Board Vice President

Headshot for Kyen S.

Kyen Schreiber

Board Secretary

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Phoebe DeWitt

Board Treasurer

The Educators' Cooperative

Advisors, administrators, and staff

The staff of Milestone is interviewed and hired by the Design Team, and then they organize themselves into an independent, democratic, worker-owned cooperative. As a #TeacherPowered school, the Educators’ Co-op manages and operates the school by sharing administrative duties between themselves. Click a name to email any EC member directly, or contact the EC Leadership Circle.

Friends of Milestone

Volunteers from our communities

Some community stakeholder members of Milestone volunteer to serve as “Friends of Milestone.” Friends make themselves available to support the Design Team, the Educators’ Co-op, and the Board with their expertise, guidance, time, and energy. Thank you, Friends!