Why Student Designed Education?

The youth of Milestone Democratic School’s Design Team, our School Developer, and our Governance Board focus on democracy and equity. When students are able to enact their right to learn in the way that works best for them, they do their best learning.
Milestone puts the voices of youth at the center of the conversation. We empower them to make decisions together about the teaching and learning that happens in their school.
Milestone is place for all: students with dis/abilities, migrant students, English-learners, and students who are facing poverty have all served on our Design Team, to ensure that the plan for our school is equitable, inclusive, and welcoming to all. Our school is completely free and open to anyone who wants to enroll, to do the work to build this new vision together, and to learn.
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It's not about me.
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What can Milestone Democratic School do...

...for the students, families, and communities of the Madison area?

Education for democracy requires democratic education. All learners need and deserve this  kind of learning, and especially those who find themselves disempowered, disenfranchised, and disengaged from governance in their lives. Learning core democratic skills, including talking across difference, collaborative decision-making, and creation through critical thinking requires deep, meaningful, and applied practice.
Milestone students practice these skills in Advisories, in School Meeting, and as members of the Governance Board and Design Team. The learning that Milestone students carry into their lives empowers them to be democratic citizens in their communities, neighborhoods, cities, and world.
Graph of colored heads showing 47% of us are listening and 53% of us are not.

More than half of students say they are not engaged in the classroom.

Source: 2017 Gallup Student Poll
If we fix this...
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...we fix this
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The general population do not believe they have a voice in the world.

Source: 2016 Harris Poll
Graph of colored heads showing 27% of us feel listened to and 73% of us do not.