Why student designed education works

The youth of Milestone Democratic School’s Design Team, our Educators’ Cooperative, and our Governance Board focus on democracy and equity. When students are able to enact their right to learn in the way that works best for them, they do their best learning.
Milestone puts the voices of youth at the center of the conversation. We empower them to make decisions together about the teaching and learning that happens in their school.
Milestone is place for all: students with dis/abilities, migrant students, English-learners, and students who are facing poverty have all served on our Design Team, to ensure that the plan for our school is equitable, inclusive, and welcoming to all. Our school is completely free and open to anyone who wants to enroll, to do the work to build this new vision together, and to learn.
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It's not about me.
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Partners / Allies / Supporters

Milestone is an innovation in new ideas, and only because it is built on the community and hard work of change makers that came before us, and with whom we partner.

Big Picture Learning

The Big Picture Learning Network

For over 25 years and all across the globe, Big Picture schools have created deep learning "One Student At A Time." Milestone's Advisory and Community Learning programs come directly from the Big Picture model.

Purple, green, and orange gears next to the name, Teacher Powered Schools

Teacher Powered Schools

Schools that empower teachers as owners, administrators, managers, and caretakers of their own schools are thriving and keeping students at the center of their work. #teacherpowered helps our EC make collective decisions.

Idea in greens and blues with the text Institute for Democratic Education in America written below.

Institute for Democratic Education in America

A democratic school doesn't live up to its name if it doesn't take on "racial justice and equity, youth voice, place-based education, sovereignty, and systems change." IDEA constantly inspires the work we do.

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition

Some charter schools create re-segregation. Diverse Charters intentionally integrate so schools "will embody the diversity of our nation’s people – across race, socioeconomic status, language and abilities." That's democracy.

Mastery Transcript Consortium logo

Mastery Transcript Consortium

"No grades/GPAs... flexible... student-centered... equitable..." When our Design Team decided we wanted our own assessment and evaluation to do these things, we thought we'd have to invent something from scratch. Nope! MTC has been at it for over five years with hundreds of schools.

Madison Public Library logo

Madison Public Library

The biggest public entity in our city that promotes "education, literacy and community involvement" just like us? How could we not partner with our neighborhood branch? We take regular trips to Pinney, and staff from the library provides regular programming at our school, too!