Participatory School Design for a Participatory Democracy

Milestone Democratic School is designed by youth for youth. We welcome all, and especially learners who believe in democracy. We create deep learning about this world, and aim to create a better world as we learn.


Our school plan is the foundation of our school. It is designed and written for and by our students.

Our Worldview / Values:

We know that poverty, migration, race, disability, and gender all shape our world. We need to learn how these work in the world if we want to create a democracy that works for us all. We can heal and become empowered as we learn.


If a decision affects you, you have a right to help make that decision. At Milestone, students, families, staff, and our community work together to guide and shape our school. Self-governance grows from our values and beliefs.


We prevent conflict and harm by working together and caring for each other. Everyone needs to feel safe and have their voices heard. When conflict and harm do happen, we hold people accountable to restore and transform.

Learning Experiences:

Advisors work with students to plan learning. What do we need to learn? What do we want to learn? How do we learn best? In what environment do we learn best? Everyone can grow into critical thinking, social and emotional skill building, and a broad and complete view of the world.

Learning Goals:

We plan our learning together, starting with specific targets. We all need to develop for our futures, learn to claim our rights, and understand our resources.

Learning Assessments:

We use one-on-one communication to give meaningful feedback on learning. Students present their learning publicly. Personal goals are the basis for all  evaluation.


We are creating our space to be accessible to everyone. We use culture to make our space comforting, calm, and inclusive.


We work together to plan, grow, and help prepare all our food. Our goal is food that is culturally sustaining, fresh, and fulfilling.

Meetings and events

All Board of Directors meetings, Design Team meetings, and Committee meetings are open to the public, and may include Public Comment time in the agenda.

In addition, “Open House” hours are available twice per week. Drop in with questions or to chat with us!