Design Team Notice of Meeting, Agenda, and Minutes


The next meeting of the Design Team will be held:

Date & Time: Thursday, August 11th, 2022, 11am

Location: 2758 Dairy Drive, Madison WI 53718 and online (email for a link)


Active Items (time sensitive in bold)

  • Elect a leader (to organize all the summer work)
  • Elect a delegate (to report to the Membership)
  • Elect a facilitator (to run the meetings)
  • Elect a secretary (to take minutes)
  • Adopt by consent a new Iteration of the School Plan
    • Learning Program – Experiences (to include Learn From Home Wednesdays)
    • Facilities
    • Calendar & Schedules
    • Budget
    • Revise the Worldview for more clear statement on Indigeneity?

Resting items (with dates to return to)


  1. Call to order by Facilitator
  2. Attendance
  3. Duration
  4. Minutes of prior meeting – approve to publish
  5. Informational Announcements
  6. Next meeting announcement
  7. Update the backlog & consent to agenda
  8. Adopt new revisions to School Plan by consent
  9. Update the backlog
  10. Check-out and meeting evaluation


Date & Time:


Topics discussed:

Actions taken by consent:

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