Fundraising Circle Notice of Meeting, Agenda, and Minutes


The next meeting of the Fundraising Circle will be held…

Time & Date: Thursday, August 4th at 1:30pm

Location: Online (email [email protected] for a link)


Active Items:

Resting Items:


Check-in and welcome
Duration: can everyone stay the full half hour? Can you stay late if need-be?
Informational Announcements:
8/20 Open House 10am-2pm
Follow us and share/like posts on IG, Facebook, and Twitter
Set next meeting
Mon 8/8? 1pm?
Report: Fundraising target and current status (Maurice & Sarah)
Decision: electing a Leader, Facilitator, Delegate, and Secretary

Exploration: delegating tasks – what can you help with?
Check-out and Evaluation

Approved Minutes

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