Get It Right Educators' Cooperative Notice of Meeting, Agenda, and Minutes

Information about upcoming and previous meetings of Get It Right Educators’ Cooperative

Note: GIR is an independent worker-owned cooperative. We cross-post our minutes and meeting info here for the benefit of the Milestone community.


The next meeting of Get It Right will be held:

Date & Time: Monday, August 8th, 11:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Milestone Democratic School and Online (email for a link)


Active Items (time sensitive in bold)

  • Adjustment to 2021-22 master contract (SpEd coordinator reduction)
  • GIR-MDS master contract
  • Alexis interview with Design Team
  • Individual employment contracts (Summer: Sean to draft for Mon 8/8)
  • Updated employee handbook
  • Align Co-op Board roles with Sociocracy roles
  • Get 501c3 status for GIR
  • Secure workers compensation insurance
  • Summer hours contract / Time and Effort Logs 
  • Agreements re: communication and availability as co-owners
  • Agreement re: distribution of funds raised for GIR
  • Accountability agreements in individual contracts connected to member-owner increases
  • Contract with Community TJ specialist

Resting items (with dates to return to)


  1. Call to order by Facilitator – Check In
  2. Attendance
  3. Duration
  4. Informational Announcements
  5. Next meeting announcement
  6. Update the backlog & consent to agenda
  7. Decision: individual employment contracts
  8. Update the backlog
  9. Check-out and meeting evaluation


  • Date & TIme: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022, 10:30am – 12:00pm and 3:30pm – 5:00pm

  • Attendance
  • Discussions:
    • Non-profit status
    • Workers Compensation
    • Summer contract
    • Sociocracy circle structure kick-off
  • Decisions:
    • Authorize honorarium to Milestone members for Design Team leadership
    • Adopted a budget for contract negotiations

Date & Time: Tues, Aug 2nd, 4:30 – 5:30pm

  • Attendance: Art Richardson (Chair), Sarah Wilkening (Vice Chair), Sean Anderson (Secretary), Janice Schreiber Poznik (member)
  • Discussions:
    • Nonprofit status
    • Workers comp
  • Decisions by consent:
    • Employment Classification
    • Sub Pay Procedure
    • Guest Instructor Procedure
    • Inviting Alexis Gardner to join GIR as a full voting member
  • Date & Time: Thursday, July 28th 1:50 – 3:30pm

  • Attendance: Art Richardson (Chair), Sarah Wilkening (Vice Chair), Sean Anderson (Secretary), Janice Schreiber Poznik (member), Kate Freedman (member)
  • Decisions by consent:
    • Updated membership of GIR
    • Completed internal investigation into personnel matter and prepared recommendation for Community Engagement
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