PLP Review Meetings With Caregivers, Guardians, and Parents

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PLP Review Meetings With Caregivers, Guardians, and Parents
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A guide for Advisors on scheduling and hosting effective conferences with families and caregivers


Milestone does not have traditional “parent teacher conferences” — though our contract requires that we hold an equivalent meeting at least once a year. In addition, we know that robust, meaningful partnerships between school and home are one of the key indicators of success for all students, but especially students living with trauma, disengagement, and structural oppression. Hosting a PLP review meeting each term, after students and advisors have collaborated together to craft a learning plan that meets both of their approval, serves both of these purposes.

Must Do:

  1. Schedule within 2 weeks of the end of each term — ensure that all caregivers, guardians, parents, and student are present
  2. Review Credit Report from previous term
    1. Competencies targeted in last PLP
    2. Competencies mastered and/or in progress
    3. Notes and feedback from Exhibition Panel
  3. Review Advisor’s narrative feedback on the previous term
    1. What was the student successful with, in your opinion?
    2. What challenges did the student have, and how did they work through (or not) those challenges?
  4. Review standardized test results from previous term (if applicable)
    1. Focus first on student growth over time
    2. Provide detailed information only as requested
  5. Review IEP goals and progress monitoring data (if applicable)
  6. Present new PLP student/advisor draft for review
    1. Ideally, this should be emailed to caregivers ~2 days prior to the meeting
    2. Ask for input, guidance, and suggestions:
      1. What hopes do you have for your student’s learning this term? Are these hopes reflected in the current plan? If not, what should we add, change, or remove?
      2. What do you know about your student’s learning style? Does the current plan align with what works best for them? If not, what should we add, change, or remove?
      3. Any other questions you have that are unique to this student.
  7. If PLP is ready for caregiver approval, have them sign it (or otherwise give their approval – verbally, by text, etc).
  8. If PLP is in need of revision, make a plan with a timeline for revising and reviewing it. 

Should Do:

  1. Work with the student prior to this meeting to scaffold toward student-led conferencing
  2. Schedule enough time to do “live revisions” in the meeting, based on caregiver feedback, for most efficient approval
  3. Be mindful of the culture of the caregivers, families, and guardians
  4. Use these meetings as an opportunity to build a partnership with the caregivers toward the best possible learning for the student — emphasize that their opinions and perspectives are essential for the PLP process

Nice to Do:

  1. Meet in-person, at student’s home
  2. Bring a small gift or thank-you gesture acknowledging parent’s role in their student’s education
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