Student Connections Procedures

Connection begins with getting every student to school every day. At 9:30 every morning, the Director of School Culture and Climate will call and/or text each student who is absent without notice, and follow up with their caregiver/parent/guardian to see why they are not at school and to offer support as needed.

If a staff member is not in their space, their door is to be closed and locked. We will not be letting students into spaces where there is no connection happening. If they are asking for a quiet space to have a moment to themselves, we can direct them to the kitchen, the lobby, or the Connection and Restorative Reflection space (Alexis’ room) where a staff member will always be available for connection. 

Bathroom Breaks: 1 at a time signing out from each class/experience. 3 students using each bathroom maximum at any time. If more than 3 people are in the bathroom, we will ask some of them to wait in the hall until a bathroom is available.

If a student is asking to leave, clarify their need.

Questions to ask:

Ask what are you feeling right now 

What can I do for you currently that will help you feel okay to stay? 

When students leave, use the sign out sheet and Alexis will check them weekly to document/gather data, and notice any themes that we can proactively address. 

Offer options:

Art supplies

Scooters for parking Lot 




Music/Audio Books/Headphones

5 Minute break in the Lobby or Kitchen which will always be staffed.

If a student needs deeper connection outside of a 5 minute break refer them to Alexis if available. There will be a sign up sheet outside of the door if she is not available, students will be asked to return to class or wait in the lobby area until she is available, and she will connect with each student who has requested support for the day.  Alexis will help the student work thru any needs, and document them in the TJ tracker. If a student is requesting to leave within the first 30 minutes of Advisory they will be asked to return back to Advisory for check in/check out, after they have taken their break and or addressed their need. The only exception will be if they are not mentally/physically ready or comfortable with returning back to class. 

If we notice a theme with a student requesting to leave daily we will invite them to have a support circle with Alexis, the Advisor, and any support people they identify. This may lead to an agreement of what works best with them to meet their needs and still meet requirements for PLP. 

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