Student Recruitment Circle Notice of Meeting, Agenda, and Minutes


The next meeting of the Student Recruitment Circle will be held…

Time & Date: Standing meeting at 11:00am every Tuesday through 8/30

Location: Online (email [email protected] for a link)


Check-in and welcome
Duration: can everyone stay the full half hour? Can you stay late if need-be?
Informational Announcements
Set next meeting
Report: Enrollment target and current status (Maurice & Jenny)
Exploration: delegating tasks – what can you help with?
Check-out and Evaluation

Approved Minutes

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  1. Your website’s reCAPTCHAs are dicey at best (many do not work,) and they also seem quite ableist. Why are you assuming people can read the questions and also do the math to answer?

    Pretty problematic for a school that’s supposed to be more sensitive to that stuff.

    1. Thanks for this comment, Kathryn — we’re still getting this comment & reply function up and running (including moderation — please forgive the slow reply!). We’ll start looking at different options to find a more inclusive and accessible spam-prevention system. You’re right, the way it currently works is problematic!

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