Where learning is engaging, Everyone has a voice, and all voices are heard, And the most important step is the next one...

An independent, tuition-free, open-enrollment public secondary charter school
Opening in August of 2020
Serving learners age 12 – 20
Dane County, Wisconsin

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Four youth and one adult sitting around a table working.

Milestone is designed for two possibilities:ย Students can care, be invested, and get excited about their learning — if they have a say in how it happens — and people can be empowered to co-create the world they want — if they learn some democratic skills to do so.

One adult and four youth from design team taking a selfie

A DesignTeam made up of youth and adults have been democratically designing Milestone since the Summer of 2018.ย Parents, grandparents, educators, and community stakeholders sit on our Governance Board to oversee this work, and help guide Milestone toward its vision.

Two rows of people standing outdoors posing for a photo, in the woods wearing coats.

Milestone is a place where learning is engaging, where everyone has a voice and all voices are heard, and where the most important step is the next one.ย Design your own learning plans with an advisor, develop your own projects, and spend part of every week in a community internship.

Group of people sitting in a circle with an overhead projector on.

Milestone is open to any student in the state who wants to attend. Our pop-up school location for 2020-22 is located in North Fitchburg, easily accessible from US-14 and the Beltline. In 2022 Milestone will become a core tenant of the new COPA performing arts and education center.

Milestone has worked with like-minded organizations across the midwest and nationally

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