Participatory School Design for a Participatory Democracy

Who is Milestone Democratic School?

The youth of Milestone Democratic School’s Design Team, our School Developer, and our Governance Board are driven to serve. We intend to help bring a positive change to schooling and education for the greater Madison area by centering the voices of youth and empowering them to make decisions about the teaching and learning that happens in their school.
Milestone Democratic School design team, seven youth and one adult standing in front of a brick wall.

The Team has held weekly Design Sessions since the Fall of 2018, talking over all aspects of Milestone and working toward consensus for each decision we make. Our design is published as the School Plan 

The School Design Team

Malik McDonald

I am 14, and I joined this project because of feedback from other students who wanted a change in schools. I hope to make a big change.

Headshot of Gersely Rios

Gersely Rios

I was born and raised in the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela. I am 14, and I joined for fact that I am able to change the way that kids see school.

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Devika Pal

I am 13, born and brought up in Madison by immigrants parents from India. I am in this project to make a school that prepares us for the future.

Headshot of Alex Ralyn

Alex Ralyn

I am 13 and I am a part of the facilities and architecture group to better our school environment and see our school flourish!

Headshot of Jurie Mayo

Jurie Mayo

I am 20 years old, and I have been a community organizer for four years. I joined to contribute a queer, black, and gender nonbinary voice.

Headshot of Stefano Oviedo

Stefano Oviedo

I’m 19, very open minded, and a proud Mexican. I want to see a change in the education of students and to help them to get the next step in their lives.

Headshot of Trendell Dobbs

Trendell Dobbs

I love sports, I also enjoy helping other people, and my black culture. I really wanted to be apart in this project to take on the black youth's point of view. 

Headshot of Roland Kahl

Roland Kahl

I am a 7th grade student in Madison, WI. I have been a design team member since late September and will be attending when it opens next year.

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Kamille Williams

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Mariah Justice

Headshot of Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson

I love teaching democracy and design, and I have had the privilege to do that work in Wisconsin, Vermont, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Mexico.

and someone you know

Are you interested in joining our Design Team to help us create the final iteration of Milestone’s School Plan? Contact us for info, or click here to apply!

Milestone’s Governance Board

The Governance Board for our Planning Year (2019-2020) oversees the work of the Design Team and the School Developer, works with our Authorizer at the UW, and helps to raise funds for Milestone. The Board meet monthly, and publish the minutes of our meetings here.

Headshot of Michael McCabe

President: Michael McCabe

Headshot of Jurie Mayo

Vice President: Jurie Mayo

Headshot of Stefano Oviedo

Treasurer: Stefano Oviedo

Headshot of Hedi Rudd

Hedi Rudd

Headshot of Jessica Ralyn

Jessica Ralyn

Once Milestone is open, our Governance Board will be elected by a full School Meeting

Milestone’s Educator Cooperative

In the winter and spring of 2020, the Design Team and the Governance Board will recruit, interview, and hire a teaching staff to serve our vision for this democratic school. The Design Team is currently seeking candidates who represent and reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of our youth, and who can empathize and relate to students.

Once hired, the teachers of Milestone will form a Teacher Professional Practice (TPP) – an independent, worker-run cooperative capable of carrying out the School Plan. As a Teacher Powered school, the TPP will be responsible for all aspects of teaching and administration of the school.

Are you an educator interested in getting more information about helping to form the Milestone Teacher Professional Practice? Visit the link below to get in touch with us about partnerships and job opportunities.