Immediate Response Procedures

A Physical Altercation (Fight) Is Happening

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Immediate Response – Fight
A Physical Altercation (Fight) Is Happening
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You (an EC member) witness students in a physical altercation – at least one student has made physical contact with another student with a clear intent to cause harm (punching, kicking, slapping, grabbing, etc).

Immediate Response:


You (the EC member who witnesses the physical altercation) are responsible for these steps:You should inform:You can expect that person to:
Give clear and direct verbal instruction for students to separateStudents involved in the altercationFollow your verbal instructions
Give clear and direct verbal instruction for students not involved to leave the spaceStudents not directly involved in the altercationFollow your verbal instructions
Without leaving the students, make a clear verbal request for an NVCI-trained EC member to come for help (shout, ask a nearby EC member to go get someone)
Current NVCI-trained staff are:
Alexis Gardner
Stefano Oviedo
Sean Anderson
EC members trained to interveneImmediately respond to interrupt the conflict and de-escalate
Only if an NVCI-trained staff member is unavailable, OR you determine that a student’s physical wellness is in imminent, urgent danger:Use your body to separate the studentsKeep your hands in the air, or at most, place open palms on a student’s shoulders or arms, to separate the studentsn/a
Help all students involved get to isolated, quiet spaces, where one EC member (preferably a student-selected trusted adult) can stay connected with them for as long as necessary.The EC Leader on Duty identified in that day’s schedule
Follow the Leader on Duty’s instructionsThe EC Leader on DutyThe Leader on Duty will convene with another member of the Leadership Circle immediately to:Keep all students involved, whether physically, verbally, or socially, separated until they can safely leave the buildingDelegate the Advisor of each student involved and the EC member who witnessed the altercation to contact parents / guardians to arrange immediate pickup of all students involvedProvides support and coverage so all EC who witnessed or were involved can complete an incident report
Complete an Incident Report as soon as possibleThe Leader on Duty about the Incident ReportThe Leader on Duty conducts an investigation – creating and sharing with the Leadership Circle an Investigation Report. All investigations will include:Interviewing all involvedCollecting exhibits (including Incident Reports)Making recommendations and proposing Action Plans
Recommendations and Action Plans coming from the Investigation will be adopted by the Leadership Circle and sharing via the EC Non-Public site.
Offered to support any and all students involved in completing a Care Request Form. If no students are willing or able to do so, completes the CARE request yourself.The CARE request is your communication to the justice coordinator. No further communication is requiredThe Justice Coordinator will implement a CARE process if the Leadership Circle directs it as part of the Action Plan.
If you physically restrained or isolated a student, complete a Seclusion and Restraint Report immediatelyThe Operations Circle about the Seclusion and Restraint Report
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